The EPA Approves E15, with a long list of warnings

[ 2 ] June 30, 2011 |

We’ve briefly mentioned the tussle over fuel with 15% ethanol added, or E15, in the past and how numerous groups were fighting its approval due to potential damage that could be done to older vehicles and small engines. Well, the EPA has officially approved E15 for use in newer vehicles, 2001 and newer, plus “flex-fuel” vehicles.”

However, the EPA has prohibited the use of E15 in vehicles older than model year 2000, off-road vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, motorcycles, boats, small engines, power equipment, snowmobiles and the like.

So we have to wonder why even approve it at all? Seems like a rather limited market and one that is potential for mistakes to be made. We also have to wonder if any gas stations would even bother selling such a blend due to the space it would take up and likely not warrant much profit from.

We’ll have to stick to our guns here and say the EPA has made a poor decision on allowing E15, but operators and users of gasoline engines, BEWARE!

[The Detroit Free Press]

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