2013 Ford Shelby GT500 Convertible limits the amount of face you will have melted off

[ 0 ] February 15, 2012 |

Several weeks ago the specs on the 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 were released and to be honest… they shocked the hell out of many in the automotive community. A 650 horsepower Mustang, from the dealer, that could hit 200 mph. It was a borderline supercar for the masses and it was real. At the time of the initial announcement however, nothing was said about a convertible GT500. Would it be as powerful as it’s hard top alter ego?

We finally have those answers after the convertible Shelby Mustang GT500 was unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show. It does indeed have 650 HP and it does indeed have advanced traction control. However, this topless wonder will also have a top speed limited to 155 mph. Before you gasp in disbelief and wonder if Ford has limited anything else on the convertible let me show you a little quote from the press release…

“The Shelby GT500 convertible is every bit the performer that the coupe is,” said Kerry Baldori, SVT Global Performance Vehicles chief engineer. “All of the significant changes we made in the program were instrumental in delivering a convertible that could really shine on the track but can still be driven on a daily basis.”

So there you have it. Your drop top may only allow you to melt half your face off instead of full on skull exposure, but it will still hold its own on the track. I cannot wait to see these put through their paces!

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