Baltimore Grand Prix may happen after all

[ 0 ] February 21, 2012 |

This could be some good news for race fans and the city of Baltimore. A while back we reported that Baltimore had cancelled its 2012 Grand Prix race due to contract conflicts between the city and previous organizers. †Well, it appears that things could be on the mend!

A new promotor has been found and negotiations are ongoing as we speak. With last years event being as successful as planned, it would be foolish for the race not to return. The city of Baltimore stands to gain some decent revenue from the race itself, not to mention an influx of tourist dollars. ALMS and IndyCar are both trying to expand events throughout the US, with Austin and New Jersey also being pushed aggressively. If the contract negotiations go as planned we should see the checkered flag waving on September 1. I hope both sides can get everything organized and signed off on in time. This is definitely a facit of motorsports that needs to continue to grow here in the states.

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