Saab just won’t die and no one seems to have learned a lesson…

[ 0 ] February 27, 2012 |

In what has got to be one of the strangest ongoing tales in recent car manufacturer history, it would appear that numerous other car companies are bidding on what is left of Saab.

According to the German site AutoBild, there may be as many as 14 companies looking into the Saab coffin to see what they can scavenge. Apparently, the companies interested range from Munich (hmmmmm), to India, to China… yes… China is in the mix again. The tale of Saab has been ongoing since their death spiral began under GM rule. At one time it looked as if they were indeed to be sold, but after a long drawn out proceeding, last minute problems killed it dead. Then it appeared it had financial backing from a Chinese source and that too fell through. Sadly, now it just appears that Saab is being picked over by scavengers to see if there is anything worth while in the broom closet that someone may have forgotten about.

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