Now THIS is what a retro style sports car should look like!

[ 0 ] February 28, 2012 |

Retro styling has been all the rage over the past few years. With the rebirth of the Camaro, the Challenger, and of course the Mustang, retro styled sports cars have brought people back in droves to the love of driving a sports car. Since then, it seems like everyone has gone overboard slapping a retro tag on a car and expecting people to flock to it in droves (I’m looking at YOU Dodge Dart).

However, Lyonheart Cars LTD has just restored my faith in the retro design trend. Behold, the Lyonheart K. Robert Palm collaborated with Bo Zolland on what was originally to be named the Growler E and has presented us with the Lyonheart K – a fantastic retro tribute to the classic Jaguar E-Type. The Lyonheart K will be powered by a supercharged 5.0L V8, producing just over 540 horsepower and 500+ Ft. Lbs of torque. The K will be hand built in England and orders are being taken now. Delivery from date of order is set at 18 months. Better grab your checkbook though… you will have to shell out approximately $650,000.00 for one of these masterpieces.

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