BMW decides to one up everyone again… issues recall for 1.3 million vehicles

[ 0 ] March 26, 2012 |

One thing you can always say for BMW is that they strive to be number one. However, in this case I don’t think this is quite the number one spot they were aiming for.

BMW has just issued the largest recall this year… a staggering 1.3 million vehicles are affected. The models affected are the 5 and 6 series BMW’s and it covers model years 2003 through 2010. The problem in question is that the battery cable covers could be improperly mounted. Resulting in no start scenarios or even worse, could lead to a fire. BMW assures owners that this is a very quick fix, approximately 30 minutes once you’re scheduled in at the dealer. BMW has said it has already started mailing out letters to affected owners and will work diligently to get owners back on the road with minimal hassle.

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