Aston Martin and John Lobb create a line of driving shoes. You can’t afford these either.

[ 0 ] March 31, 2012 |

There you are… flying along in your DB9 when suddenly… your driving experience is ruined! Bad weather? Track conditions? Bad lap time on the Nurburgring? Nope, none of that, it’s just that… well… you aren’t wearing the correct shoes to properly enhance your driving experience.

That may sound a little far fetched, but apparently the folks at Aston Martin and John Lobb don’t think so. With this apparently unbearable driving crisis in mind, the Fast and the Footwork have teamed up to bring you a new line of driving shoes to assure you have proper foot to pedal comfort. These John Lobb crafted driving shoes are hand made from calfskin and lined with sheep skin. They have bonded rubber soles and will come in an assortment of colors. The are being dubbed the “Winner Sport” line and will be available in May. No price point has been released yet but… since this is Aston Martin and John Lobb… if you have to ask how much… etc. etc.

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