BMW unveils i8 Spyder concept in Beijing… are we ready?

[ 0 ] April 23, 2012 |

We have seen glimpses of the now named BMW i8 Spyder before in the rumor circles. It was officially unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show, showing off with its top down for all to see. The concept itself seems great and the car looks stunning, but it really brings up an important question that may finally need to be answered. Are we truly ready for an electric/hybrid sports car?

Not a ‘sporty’ car mind you… but a full on sports car or super car? Yes, I know that Tesla has had their Roadster on the market for some time now, but that could actually be used as a focal point for the debate. Was it successful? Did it catch on? The Roadster itself was a brilliant concept and looked fantastic. It had supposed range, speed, and handling. It was in line performance wise with upper tier sports cars and priced as such. However, only 2100 +/- Roadsters were sold. Now BMW is supposedly jumping in with both feet. They have the brand name recognition. They have the quality and performance history behind them. So with all of that, do you think the i8 Spyder will be a hit? The Spyder is powered by an electric motor in the front and a turbo 3 cylinder engine in the back. It definitely hits the marks on sports car / supercar looks. And at 0-60 in 5 seconds with a very estimated 75+ mpg combined with BMW handling, it has everything it needs to hit the mark. The question now is… will it? Or more importantly… what will it take for gear heads to finally embrace an electric muscle car?

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