Bugatti creates one-off Wei Long edition Veyron so it can, you know… stand out

[ 0 ] April 28, 2012 |

Being a gear head myself I can understand not wanting my ride to be exactly like everyone elses. You work on it, you tweak it and you make it your own. Wanting it to stand out is only natural. However, if you are buying an incredibly rare Bugatti Veyron you may being going a little overkill.

Behold the Bugatti Veyron Wei Long (awesome!) edition. This Veyron Grand Sport model has been tweaked with porcelain dragon sculptures on both the body and interior. It also has dragon figurines on the oil and fuel cap. It sports silk floor mats, a white exterior, carmine red interior and Chinese Dragon characters embroidered in the head rests. The Wei Long was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show and was sold for right at 1.58 million Euros (roughly 2 million dollars.) So there you have it… when you don’t want your Bugatti Veyron to look like all the other Veyrons out there, you can just touch it up a bit… For a price.

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