Let the Free Trade Agreement begin! Corvette now available in South Korea

[ 0 ] May 7, 2012 |

We see more and more evidence of a global marketplace in the automotive sector evolving month by month. Car makers are reducing platforms to reduce cost and keep consistency while expanding their current vehicle model offerings to new markets. Now, thanks to a trade agreement between the US and South Korea, the Chevrolet Corvette is about to make landfall south of the 38th parallel.

May 4th marked the official launch date of the Corvette in South Korea. The bow tie’s staple muscle car can now be scooped up for 86,400,000.00 South Korean Won, or roughly $76,528.00 US. It will be interesting to see how an icon like the Corvette is received in the South Korean market. It will also be interesting to see where the Corvette will make landfall next. Bringing muscle cars to the world masses can never be a bad thing!

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