0-60 in 3 Seconds and 200 MPG

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New Electric Concept Car Redefines Performance by Achieving 0–60 Acceleration in Just Three Seconds

A research and development company that focuses on alternative-energy vehicles has developed a high-performance car concept that uses technology that might find its way to production vehicles of the future.  The company’s concept car delivers sports-car performance while using only one gallon of gasoline to travel 200 miles.

The Velozzi is an electric car concept that derives its power from a lightweight, high-efficient lithium ion battery pack. This battery pack in turn is recharged by an on-board Velozzi micro turbine, which uses any heavy fuel, such as gasoline, ethanol, methanol, diesel or bio diesel. “This is important because it allows us to use the current gas infrastructure,” according to the company. Velozzi says that they do not want to wait 10–20 years for a new infrastructure to be developed or spend billions of dollars to get one in place. Most solutions that are being advocated today are challenged by not having an infrastructure in place.

This micro turbine battery charger in the car will create electricity to charge the battery pack system that in turn will feed electricity to the electric motor. The driver will be able to go to a gas station and fill the tank with any heavy fuel and run the micro turbine battery charger on board to recharge the battery system. This gives the freedom of not needing to rely only on an electrical outlet to recharge the system, like pure electric cars do. Furthermore, the battery pack can be charged at home from any source of electricity. 

Velozzi says that micro turbines are the most efficient engines known to man. This micro turbine battery charger system will create enough electrical charge to give the vehicle about 200 miles of normal driving range per a gallon of fuel. The company says that this is a very significant development in the wake of our country’s energy crisis, as well as the problem of global warming.   


The company’s working model indicates great performance they say:

  • 100–200 mpg at normal driving conditions
  • 0–60 MPH in 3 seconds
  • 200 MPH top speed

These numbers are possible because of different solutions. One of them is the weight savings. The Velozzi will be constructed of space-age lightweight composites, including liquid metal. In addition they are using the lightest, most efficient lithium ion batteries in the world.  

“We want the public to want to buy alternative green power cars. We want to change the public perception that environment-friendly cars look like boxes and that they are under performing. It is not so!” says Velozzi. 

The technology developed will be licensed to all the automakers to benefit all. Velozzi says that he will not give exclusive rights to anyone to make sure that it is not shelved, so that the world can enjoy the benefits.

Source: Velozzi. www.velozzi.org

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