Chevy Working on New Marketing Plan “More Muscle Cars in Future Marketing”

[ 0 ] March 10, 2010 |

During a web chat today Mark Reuss, president of GM North America briefly talked about Chevy’s plans for a new a marketing strategy that involved turning more to Corvette and Camaro muscle cars in future marketing efforts to improve Chevrolet’s image. The new spots are due to come out within the next few months. Reuss continued “When have you ever seen ’Vettes and Camaros in ads for Equinox and Malibu?” he wrote. “This will change.”

The ad campaign will include the cars and use “excellence for everyone” but Reuss indicated that would not be the new tag-line for Chevrolet but stated “You will really like it”. Muscle cars always scream American pride I cant help think this is not a big reason behind Chevy wanting to bring back the muscle to their company name, bring back good old American pride. Your thoughts? Please post in the comments section below.


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